February 28, 2019

Nominet forays into North American market by unveiling DNS security SBU Nominet NTX

The SBU seeks to provide enterprises with DNS-level security by predicting risks across data groups.

Nominet, the domain registry service provider for .UK have entered into the North American market by launching Nominet NTX, an SBU focused towards DNS security. With this launch, Nominet will be predicting risks across data groups at the DNS-level that define standards which influence domain registry and enterprise operations.

According to Nominet, all networks rely on DNS traffic which makes it a critical source of information for specific threats to the network. Unfortunately, they say, the DNS itself is not given the highest amount of attention when it comes to security.

By foraying into the North American market, Nominet claim that they will be leveraging their data analysis capabilities across DNS systems to predict assaults like targeted malware, ransomware, phishing, zero-day threats etc. They say that these threats will be blocked and eradicated by them after scanning and identifying malicious domains before they are even registered.

Russell Haworth, CEO of Nominet believes that the U.S. market is more competitive than the U.K. market where they scanned over 3TB of data and blocked 2.5 million malicious requests. He further added that with Nominet NTX, enterprises will be able to protect-detect-block assualts proactively by helping them take vital security actions.

Market analysts opine that Nominet NTX’s capabilities are first of its kind and enable enterprises to offer unique visibility and insights. We cannot wait to witness how Nominet NTX take this expansion ahead, following SiteLock’s VPN cybersecurity solution.