March 1, 2019

Inside Secure fortifies software security and analytics prowess with Verimatrix acquisition

The acquisition seeks to focus their efforts towards IoT products and services by leveraging software and analytics capabilities.

Inside Secure have completed the acquisition of Verimatrix in a bid to strengthen their software security and analytics capabilities. With this acquisition, both entities aim to create IoT products that cater to different industries by leveraging their cyber protection and business intelligence prowess.

According to Inside Secure, enterprises need to up their cloud and connectivity capability in order to compete globally. They say that in addition to the cloud, the need to connect devices across IoT environments is gaining prominence because of SD-WAN development.

However, Inside Secure say that the advancement in the above-mentioned technologies is complemented by enterprise demand to secure cloud and IoT environments. They claim that unless these environments are secure, viruses and malware will find ways to enter networks and cause discrepancies.

By acquiring Verimatrix, Inside Secure believe that they will be fortifying their software protection capabilities. They further added that Veramatrix will also bring in their business intelligence prowess to Inside Secure’s networks and help enterprises detect threats and take commensurate measures to filter large data volumes.

Amedeo D’Angelo, Chairman and CEO of the combined company stated that the entity is poised to be a business intelligence and a cyber protection powerhouse for IoT-visioned enterprises. He said that with this unique offering they will be able to cater to enterprises belonging to different sectors in the market.

Industry experts opine that the acquisition will spur the cybersecurity race and help Inside Secure expand globally. This deal is reminiscent of Apeiron’s acquisition by KonaTel to boost their IoT capabilities.