February 26, 2019

SiteLock unveils VPN cybersecurity solution to foster data privacy

The solution aims to help businesses protect their online activities from any given location.

SiteLock have launched a VPN -based web security solution for their businesses customers to protect their online activities from multiple locations. With the launch of SiteLock VPN, customers can protect their data on public networks from cyber risks, eliminating data throttling and enabling access to content without restriction.

Cybersecurity facilitator SiteLock says that enterprises or their employees use public Wi-Fi networks for transmission of data. They say that these networks are susceptible to attacks when the enterprise or its employee tries to access content or data from various locations.

SiteLock say that this behaviour increases the probability of virus attacks and hence securing data is of utmost necessity.

By launching SiteLock VPN, the cybersecurity provider says that they will protect websites and networks from malicious actors and miscreants. They believe that as hacker activity advances increasingly in remote areas, SiteLock VPN will facility security with a critical layer that eliminates concerns around loss of data or propensity to attacks.

Speaking about the advantages provided by SiteLock VPN, the cybersecurity firm claimed that the solution will –

1. Provide superior privacy with DNS leak protection and IP address randomization

2. Facilitate multi-device usage to foster flexibility, and

3. Provide quick and simplified browsing by leveraging more than 1000 servers across 40 locations.

Industry experts claim that businesses will probably benefit from this VPN product and entice a new customer segment from the VPN market. It will be interesting to see how SiteLock makes the most of this, following their acquisition by equity firm ABRY partners.