March 29, 2019

NXTsoft acquires Digitel Corp. to expand cloud portfolio

The acquisition seeks to cross-sell NXTsoft’s security product ‘ThreatAdvice’ to Digitel’s customers across the American market.

U.K. based cybersecurity firm NXTsoft have acquired Digitel Corp. in a bid to expand their managed IT and cloud product portfolio. With this acquisition, NXTsoft will be cross-selling their cybersecurity product ThreatAdvice to more than 600 Digitel customers, in a bid to deliver quality security solutions.

NXTsoft say that enteprises need to secure their cloud environments by integrating solutions that can provide security at the endpoints as well as at the surface. They believe that a holistic approach allows enterprises to protect their environments from malware and virus attacks.

By acquiring Digitel Corp., NXTsoft say that they will provide enterprises with a holistic approach to cybersecurity that secures IT environments at every level. They further added that this acquisition will help them expand their cloud security and managed services portfolio and boost their presence in the U.S. market.

According to NXTsoft, their ThreatAdvice security product allows enterprises to mitigate attacks by identifying the threat and taking commensurate measures before they reach the surface or the network. They say that this offering will allow them to stand out in the market with an advantage very few cybersecurity firms provide.

In closing, neither firms declared the financial details of the deal. We believe that this deal will spur the cybersecurty competition in the U.S. market, following the acquisition of AEWIN by DFI.