September 5, 2018

Domain registry RoTLD finally introduces registration fees for .RO ccTLD

The registry aims to delete unpaid .RO domain names and provide a flexible registration fee structure for digital-savvy businesses.

Domain registry

Romanian domain registry RoTLD have finally introduced registration fees for .RO ccTLD (country-code Top Level Domain) to boost the digital identity of new and upcoming businesses in the country. With this move, RoTLD will commence deleting unpaid domain names, only to make space for new entities that are ready to pay a premium price.

RoTLD say that Romania as a country is developing economically with small and new businesses emerging at the fore. They say that these businesses are looking to boost their digital identity across foreign markets by leveraging the country’s .RO ccTLD.

By introducing a pricing model for the .RO ccTLD, RoTLD believe that they will be adding structure to its registration process. They also claim that with this process, users of .RO ccTLD will take it seriously and utilise it to extend their online presence.

According to domain registry RoTLD, the entities that will not pay a registration and an annual maintenance fee for the .RO domain will be scheduled for automatic deletion. They say that deletion will be performed after 90 days from the expiration date if, in this period, the registrant does not renew their registration by paying the registration fee.

The registry also revealed that customers of RoTLD will be served on a first come first serve basis when it comes to renewals. They also claim that the renewals can be made for periods of 1 to 10 years with late payment fees of up to €6 plus VAT.

With this move, industry experts claim that domain registry services in Europe will gain momentum. They also speculate that this will boost the sales and registrations for the .RO ccTLD just like Poland’s .PL ccTLD recorded a steep rise in domain names early this year.