February 28, 2019

Telecom ministry of Egypt, Huawei sign MoU for cloud computing and AI networks

The deal aims to provide individuals, corporates and SMBs with cloud-based services and transform Egypt’s IT architecture in totality.

Telecom ministry of Egypt and Chinese IT giant Huawei have signed a partnership deal to build cloud and AI centres across Egypt. As per the MoU (Memorandum of Understanding) signed, both entities will establish a USD 5 million worth network across the MENA (The Middle East and North African) region to provide cloud-based services to large enterprises as well as SMBs in the market.

According to Egypt’s Minister of Telecommunications, Amr Talaat, the MENA market is currently going through a flux with respect to IT and digital transformation. They say that this phase can be contributed to a shift in the technology globally as well as the need of enterprises in Egypt and other markets to compete at a world level.

Taalat claims that cloud and AI networks accelerate an enterprise’s capacity to run business-critical workloads and hence help them grow. He believes that by establishing Egypt as the kernel of cloud services in MENA, enterprises will focus on their cloud-AI network as a major source for global connectivity.

Hence, the Telecom Ministry of Egypt have partnered with Huawei to present and develop innovative services such as IoT for enterprises in the MENA market. They say that with this deal, Egypt will be able to change its position from a digitally growing to a digitally enhanced country with respect to IT infrastructure.

Industry watchers say that the deal signed by the Ministry will probably steer Egypt’s IT vision in the right direction. As we shed light on this topic, one cannot help but think about  Z Services’ partnership with McAfee to provide cloud security solutions in MENA.