October 15, 2018

Microsoft, ServiceNow partner for Govt. cloud based solutions

The alliance aims to help government agencies accelerate their digital transformation and modernization by providing ServiceNow workflows through Azure.

cloud based solutions

Tech giant Microsoft have partnered with ServiceNow to help government agencies accelerate their digital transformation by providing ServiceNow workflows through Azure. With this alliance, both entities aim to boost the usage of cloud-based solutions within the government sector, in a bid to modernize their IT architectures.

According to Microsoft, government agencies are well versed with the advantages provided by cloud environments, when it comes to hosting their workloads. They also say that these agencies mainly look at scale, cost and security as parameters while making the most out of their IT environments.

By partnering with ServiceNow, Microsoft say that the alliance will enable U.S. Federal customers to deploy ServiceNow’s technology via Microsoft’s Azure Marketplace. They claim that this combined cloud offering is expected to bring together ServiceNow’s IT services with security, protection and the highest level of compliance on the market offered by Microsoft’s Azure Government regions.

Speaking about the alliance, Brian Marvin, Vice President of Federal Sales, ServiceNow, commented:

Federal agencies are increasingly focused on modernizing their digital infrastructure, but a long review process and a higher regulatory standard to approve cloud offerings for U.S. Federal use can greatly hinder the government’s ability to deploy innovative cloud solutions.

With this offering, U.S. Federal customers are expected to have greater access to ServiceNow’s best-in-class digital workflows on Azure Government regions including support for (IL) 5.

Microsft sat that this alliance will further expand their Gov-Cloud portfolio offerings and allow them to explore markets globally. Tom Keane, Corporate Vice President, Azure Global, Microsoft, commented:

The Microsoft Azure Marketplace gives federal customers the added capabilities they need to quickly acquire and deploy cost-effective solutions that are configured to run on the Azure Government platform.

The integration of ServiceNow digital workflows into the Azure Marketplace further expands our offerings that help the federal government achieve its IT objectives.

It seems that Microsoft are consolidating their Gov-Cloud prowess in full-force, following their launch of Azure Stack for government agencies.