February 7, 2018

Logicworks launches Pulse for business cloud security

The launch aims to provide infrastructure-as-a-code service to organizations running mission-critical applications in the cloud environment.

Cloud services provider Logicworks have launched an IaaC (Infrastructure-as-a-Code) platform Pulse to allow cloud-native organizations run mission-critical applications safely. With this launch, Logicworks claim that they will continue providing clients with products that allow them to secure customer’s data in the cloud.

Logicworks say that the Pulse platform will allow organizations to scan cloud environments, monitor billing and track unexpected spending, budget anomalies and sudden changes in the infrastructure. They also claim that they will be notified about the same through SMS as the changes take place. Explaining this in detail, Kenneth Ziegler, President and CEO of Logicworks commented:

Third-party applications that monitor security, performance, and billing all provide critical inputs for understanding what’s happening in your cloud environment.

According to Logicworks, organizations are looking at ways and means to secure cloud environments with the help of third-party resources that can be integrated with their cloud platforms. They further added that in order to cater to a larger cloud market, they have made the Pulse platform easily integrable with AWS and Azure cloud environments.

Logicworks say that this intelligence-enabled platform will allow organizations to spot threats beforehand. Emphasizing this, Ziegler added:

We have built the industry’s only automated software platform that integrates intelligence across these disparate systems and alerts you to potential risks, which Logicworks can then remediate. Early indications from our Beta customers demonstrate that Pulse is a big leap forward in what cloud monitoring products can and should be.

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