April 10, 2019

Google launches ‘Anthos’, an open-source platform to accelerate multi-cloud adoption

The platform seeks to allow enterprises to create applications in the cloud and run them seamlessly via their own or third-party data centers.

Tech giant Google has launched an open-source platform called Anthos to accelerate multi-cloud adoption for enterprises. With this launch, Google will enable enterprises to create cloud applications and help these apps to run successfully through third-party platforms like AWS, Azure etc.  or self-owned data centers.

According to Google, enterprises use multiple functionalities of different cloud platforms to boost their workloads. They say that by utilizing the best or key features of a cloud platform, enterprises end up spending a lot on cloud resources to manage their applications.

This approach, Google say, results in the wastage of many other resources that go undiscovered. They also believe that taking this route will hinder enterprises from scaling to the extent they would want to in the long run.

By launching Anthos, Google claim that they will remove this obstacle by letting enterprises leverage cloud platforms like Azure, AWS Cloud etc. to bolster their applications. They further added that this platform, which is based on Google’s Kubernetes, will enable enterprises to create applications and run them through a data center of their choice.

In order to make this possible, Google say that they have partnered with more than 30 entities, including Cisco, VMware, Dell EMC, HPE, Intel etc. They claim that for enterprises that are new to the cloud, they will be simplifying this service to ensure smooth data migration.

Industry watchers claim that Google’s strategy to consolidate all cloud platforms under their umbrella will help them gain a competitive edge in the market. We cannot wait to see how Google will make the most of this platform launch, following their AI hub to simplify machine learning.