August 14, 2018

Microsoft introduces Azure Stack for cloud-native government organizations

The launch aims to provide federal agencies, as well as, state and city governments with the ability to add local cloud installations to Azure systems.


Tech mogul Microsoft have introduced Azure Stack for government organizations that deploy their workloads on the cloud. With this launch, Microsoft will be providing government agencies with the ability to add local cloud installations to Azure, in a bid to meet regulatory, connectivity and latency requirements.

Microsoft believe that government and federal agencies require secure premises to deploy their workloads on the cloud since their files contain sensitive information. They claim that cloud environments need to meet a lot of requirements when it comes to government organizations since every organization has a specific and intricate need.

By launching Azure Stack for gov-cloud, Microsoft say that they will be able to customize according to the requirements of federal and government agencies. They say that this move will not only help Microsoft to provide a flexible cloud solution but also compete with the likes of AWS in the cloud race.

Speaking about the launch, Natalia Mackevicius, Azure Stack Program Director at Microsoft, commented:

Azure Stack for Azure Government directly addresses many other significant challenges our top federal government customers face. This includes tough regulatory, connectivity, and latency requirements.

This is possible because Azure Stack extends the best of our intelligent edge and cloud innovation and delivers those services anywhere in the environment through a hybrid approach.