October 15, 2018

Cyber security software firm Imperva acquired for USD 2.1 billion

The cyber security software company, acquired by private equity firm Thoma Bravo, seeks to protect websites, applications and databases from cyber attacks.

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Private equity company Thoma Bravo have acquired cyber security software firm Imperva for USD 2.1 billion. With this acquisition, Thoma Bravo aims to strengthen their IT security portfolio by protecting websites, applications, databases and APIs from cyber attacks.

According to Thoma Bravo, enterprise security is a growing concern with the increasing number of cyber attacks on a monthly basis. They claim that these attacks need to be dealt with in different ways given their unpredictable nature.

By acquiring Imperva, Thoma Bravo claim that they will be fortifying their security portfolio by adding the former’s cyber protection services. They also believe that Imperva’s security software prowess will help Thoma Bravo protect the websites, applications, cloud environments, APIs and databases from virus attacks.

Speaking about the acquisition, Chris Hylen, President and CEO of Imperva, commented:

Thoma Bravo has an excellent track record of supporting and adding value to leading cybersecurity companies, and we are delighted to bring on a partner with their caliber of strategic expertise. This transaction will provide immediate and substantial value to Imperva stockholders.

The company will have greater flexibility to focus on executing our long-term strategy. We are excited to begin our partnership with Thoma Bravo.

Imperva claim that digital transformations are eminent in every industry given the need for cyber security. They say that since new digital economies are constantly under the threat of attacks protecting this economy with the help of a cyber security software is a must.

Seth Boro, the Managing Partner at Thoma Bravo, commented:

Thoma Bravo has long admired Imperva’s innovative products and strong market position. As a leading company that protects data and applications, regardless of whether they live in the cloud, on-premise or in a hybrid environment, Imperva is ahead of the curve from the rest of the cybersecurity industry, and we’re thrilled with this exciting partnership.

It seems like private equity firms are going all guns blazing when it comes to acquiring cybersecurity firms, especially after this deal and the acquisition of PhishMe by BlackRock and Pamplona Capital Management.