February 25, 2019

Google reinforces cloud-data migration with Alooma acquisition

The acquisition of the Israeli firm will allow Google to boost the race for cloud and penetrate the ‘digital transformation’ market.

Google have acquired Israel-based data migration firm Alooma to aid the digital transformation process for enterprises. With this deal, Google say that they will be able to boost the race for cloud and help enterprises migrate their workloads to the cloud.

According to Google, traditional enterprises in the MENA (the Middle East and North Africa) market are moving to the cloud following an increase in internet penetration and business boom in the region. They say that these enterprises understand the role played by the cloud when it comes to accelerating workloads and building applications.

Alooma claim that their data migration services provide enterprises with an easy and safe route to transfer business sensitive information. They believe that it is through their robust pipeline that a huge amount of data can be migrated to a single data warehouse.

By partnering with Alooma, Google say that they will reduce the risk of enterprise data being attacked with viruses. They supported this belief by saying that the Google Cloud platform will facilitate network protection to all the data that will be transferred.

In closing, neither of the two revealed any financial details of the deal. It will be interesting to witness how Google take this deal ahead, following their partnership with Agile for data flexibility.