February 19, 2019

Untangle, Malwarebytes join forces to provide SMBs with layered security

The alliance will enable security admins with a single pane of glass view to manage security orchestration across networks by leveraging endpoint detection prowess.

Network security provider Untangle have partnered with endpoint security firm Malwarebytes to provide SMBs with layered security prowess. With this partnership, Malwarebytes will leverage their endpoint security capabilities to provide Untangle’s customers with higher visibility into their networks to identify and mitigate cyber threats.

Untangle claim that cloud-based customers demand complete network visibility when it comes to tackling with cyber risks and attacks. They say that the cloud migration and post-migration phases entice a lot of viruses into their cloud networks.

By partnering with Malwarebytes, Untangle claim that they will provide IT admins of various enterprises with endpoint security into their networks along with enhanced transparency. This transparency, Untangle believe, will provide enterprises with access to their client’s hosting environments to execute threat mitigation tactics.

According to Untangle, Malwarebyte’s endpoint prowess will allow their platform to be fortified with 360-degree scanning, security status of the software and easy navigation between the portals of both entities. In addition to this, they say that their Command Center portal will provide enterprises with a seamless approach to threat mitigation and remediation.

Industry watchers believe that the partnership will probably benefit SMBs since they are more susceptible to attacks. It will be interesting to see how these entities take their endpoint security alliance ahead, following Carbonite’s acquisition of Webroot.