February 13, 2019

Google Cloud partners with Agile Solutions for data flexibility

With this alliance, Google Cloud aims to facilitate flexible, future proof and effective data management services to cloud-native customers.

Google Cloud have announced their partnership with Agile Solutions to add flexibility to a large volume of data. With this partnership, Google Cloud will ensure that enterprises are able to draw critical insights from the data stored in the cloud in a bid to make intelligent business decisions.

According to Agile, Google Cloud’s enterprise customers leverage their platform to build and manage applications. They believe that this platform provides them with all the information that is needed to accelerate workloads and encourage enterprises to provide new solutions.

As the information on the cloud becomes larger, Agile say that there is a need to accumulate the same and build flexible volumes so that it is easy to make sense out of it. By providing data management solution to Google’s enterprise customers, Agile believe that they will help the former provide business agility.

With the partnership, Google Cloud claim that they will benefit from Agile’s sophisticated data security prowess. They further added that as enterprises scale their data in the cloud, Agile will be able to mould the same and present it to their customers to provide vital insights.

Industry watchers claim that this partnership will maybe benefit enterprises having a large volume of data at their endpoints. It will be exciting to see how Google Cloud takes this ahead with Agile, following Rubik’s Series E funding of USD 261 million.