February 25, 2019

SoftwareONE acquires cloud transformation firm RightCloud

The acquisition aims to expand SoftwareONE’s managed services portfolio by adding AWS’ infrastructure into the mix.

IT platform provider SoftwareONE have acquired RightCloud to extend their managed services portfolio. With this acquisition, SoftwareONE will be adding infrastructure prowess, monitoring and optimizing capabilities as well as cloud migration offerings to expand across the APAC market.

According to SoftwareONE, infrastructural capabilities are responsible for enhancing an enterprise’s security, migration and storage prowess. They believe that this infrastructure helps enterprises to get a competitive advantage in the market when it comes to building applications or its orchestration.

By partnering with RightCloud, SoftwareONE say that they can go beyond the normal set of cloud offerings that consist of migration and security. They claim that this acquisition was made with the objective of expanding their product portfolio, in order to serve the APAC market with a variety of services.

SoftwareONE further added that the deal will help them provide a wide range of AWS offerings that are in high demand in the APAC region. They believe that with a strengthened managed services portfolio, their hyper cloud efforts will receive a much-needed impetus and entice a large number of customers.

Industry watchers believe that SoftwareONE is most likely to benefit from the deal since AWS is a known brand in the APAC market. It will be interesting to see how SoftwareONE takes this ahead, following their acquisition of COMPAREX for global expansion.