March 18, 2019

Darktrace enters into a strategic partnership with Puleng for cybersecurity

The alliance seeks to discover in-progress attacks anywhere across the entire infrastructure by leveraging AI, cloud and IoT prowess.

IT security firm Darktrace have signed a strategic partnership with Puleng Technologies to discover on-going attacks across the enterprise’s digital infrastructure. With this alliance, Darktrace and Puleng will make the most of AI, cloud and IoT capabilities in understanding the nature of these attacks and countering the same for all industries.

According to Darktrace, enterprises worldwide are facing a barrage of cyber attacks that are quick as well as stealthy in nature. They say that these attacks need to be dealt with in a different manner so that these attacks are eradicated right from their roots.

Darktrace believe that in order to curb these attacks, they have taken a slightly different approach by understanding the pattern of life of every user and their device. They say that this approach helps them understand the normal state of every device and detect and respond to cyber attacks.

By partnering with Puleng, Darktrace say that they will be focusing their efforts on building cyber detection products that leverage their capacity in the form of AI, cloud and IoT. They claim that this alliance will pave the way for sustainable and long-term partnerships that will help them build a broader product portfolio.

Industry watchers believe that this alliance is taking cyber risk detection in a different direction and will help enterprises mitigate attacks. With this deal, one cannot help but reminisce the alliance between Aquila and LMNTRIX to deliver a cybersecurity platform.