March 18, 2019

Orange strikes USD 25 million SD-WAN deal with Aurecon to facilitate cyber protection

The five-year deal aims to transform Aurecon’s network infrastructure by reducing complexities and operational inefficiencies in their IT environment.

Telecom giant Orange have entered into a five-year deal worth USD 25 million with Melbourne-based Aurecon to protect the latter’s clients from cyber attacks. As per the terms of the deal, Orange will fortify Aurecon’s network infrastructure by reducing complexities and improving application performance and agility.

According to Aurecon, enterprise security is of prime importance, especially when it comes to endpoint protection. They say that these enterprises need to lock their endpoints in a bid to avoid viruses from entering and deteriorating their networks.

By partnering with Orange, Aurecon will be able to seal their endpoints by leveraging the former’s SD-WAN capabilities. They claim that this partnership will also foster network security and facilitate operational efficacy at a low cost.

Kevin Griffen, Managing Director of Orange Business Services, Australasia states that Aurecon has a clear vision with respect to cybersecurity and endpoint protection. He further added that this clarity will help them drive the needs of their customers in the Australian market and see to it that they provide end-to-end cyber security solutions.

Market watchers opine that this deal will benefit Australian enterprises the most and help them secure networks and reduce costs as well. With the deals Orange have done in the past, it can be said that they have taken a buy-and-partner than a build approach when it comes to cybersecurity, following their acquisition of SecureData.