February 14, 2019

Aquila partners with LMNTRIX to deliver multi-vector cybersecurity platform

The alliance seeks to fortify an enterprise’s threat-response prowess and expand LMNTRIX’s presence across the North American market.

US-based network security company Aquila has partnered with IT firm LMNTRIX to provide a multi-vector security platform to respond to cyber threats. With this platform,  Aquila aims to augment LMNTRIX’s presence across the US market and consolidate and enterprise’s threat response capability.

According to Aquila, hackers exploit the attack vectors in the cyberspace actively or passively. They say that these hackers use myriad techniques such as spoofing, fabrication, modification, DDoS or eavesdropping to enter networks and affect the health of the system.

Aquila believe that most attacks emerging in the cyberspace are targeted at an enterprise’s network. They further added that these networks are easy targets because of the attack vectors (paths or routes) that grant access to hackers in a network.

By partnering with LMNTRIX, Aquila believe that they will be able to detect and respond to threats at a multi-vector level. They claim that this alliance will allow enterprises to prioritize attacks as per their nature and take on them one by one.

LMNTRIX say that this partnership will help them expand their reach across North American markets and boost their global presence as well. They added that in addition to global presence, their ATR (Adaptive Threat Response) platform will boost an enterprise’s security on the whole.

Industry experts believe that this partnership will help enterprises that looking to strengthen their IT architectures and network security. It will be exciting to see how both entities take this alliance ahead, following the partnership of Syncurity with SentinelOne.