March 15, 2019

NS1 unveil ‘Domain Security Suite’ to protect enterprises from DNS attacks

The product suite seeks to secure enterprise DNS systems from threats like cache poisoning and DNS hijacking.

DNS and traffic management solution provider NS1 have launched Domain Security Suite, a composition of products to protect enterprise DNS systems from threats. With this launch, NS1 seek to remove DNS-level barriers and threats like cache poisoning and DNS hacking by leveraging a single-pane-of-glass interface.

According to NS1, attackers take full advantage of the central role played by DNS systems in orchestrating internet and application traffic. They say that when a DNS gets compromised, an enterprise’s applications can disappear from the internet or even domain names can be hijacked for disruption.

NS1 say that these disruptions can happen especially when hackers attack the DNS system with cache poisoning tactics or hack the entire DNS network. Hence, in a bid to avoid this, NS1 say that they have launched a Security Suite to protect the DNS from phishing, disruption and manipulation attempts.

As per NS1, their Domain Security Suite delivers a single turnkey service layered with tools that are required to manage the DNS both securely and efficiently. They say that with this product suite, enterprises can avoid performance compromises and expect an end-to-end solution when it comes to securing the DNS system.

Market analysts claim that this product suite will enable enterprises of all shapes and sizes to secure their DNS systems with advanced access and control. It will be interesting to see how NS1 takes this product suite forward in global markets, following Nominet’s launch of DNS security product Nominet NTX.