February 13, 2019

Twistlock joins hands with IBM Cloud to deliver security and threat intelligence alerts

The partnership aims to boost IBM’s monitoring, threat detection and eradication prowess by integrating Twistlock into their security advisor platform.

IBM Cloud have partnered with Twistlock to fortify their threat intelligence capabilities in the cloud. With this partnership, IBM Cloud will be integrating Twistlock’s cloud intelligence prowess into their platform to monitor, detect and eradicate virus attacks in the cloud.

According to IBM, the growing number of cyber attacks in the cloud has increased the demand for security products. They claim that detecting the type of cyber attack is quite harder than curbing one.

By partnering with Twistlock, IBM say that they will be able to boost their threat detection and monitoring capabilities and gauge the nature of the cyber attack. They believe that by understanding the type of attack, taking commensurate measures to restrict the attack will be possible.

Twistlock claim that at an enterprise level, customers need to build and deploy compliant and reliable software that end users can trust. They say that by integrating their threat intelligence services into IBM’s Security Advisor platform, customers will not only be able to manage threats and vulnerabilities but understand the historical details of the cyber attack.

Market analysts believe that this partnership is likely to intensify the race for cloud globally. It will be interesting to see how competitors respond, following Amazon’s acquisition of CloudEndure.