January 16, 2019

British Telecom selects SevOne Data Platform to boost their digital transformation strategy

The partnership seeks to facilitate real-time operational and network performance visibility to BT’s global managed network customers.

British Telecom (BT) have partnered with SevOne to accelerate the execution of their digital transformation strategy for customers. With this alliance, BT will be leveraging SevOne Data Platform’s network analysis, SDN capabilities and abnormal condition detection prowess to facilitate smooth real-time operations.

According to BT, telecom enterprises need to support their platforms with the latest software to scale and expand globally so as to provide sustained application performance. They believe that these enterprises also need to make informed decisions with respect to prioritizing network resources across businesses.

By partnering with SevOne, BT claim that they will be able to leverage their Data Platform’s SD-WAN architectures, end-to-end application visibility and real-time view of the issues faced by customer networks. They say that by providing visibility into their networks to reduce issues, SevOne will help BT and its customers to simplify management and cost control.

Hriday Ravindranath, CTIO (Chief Technology Information Officer), Global Services, BT claims that this alliance will make way for telcos to build new products and applications by leveraging the benefits provided by them. He also believes that the flexible user interface facilitated by SevOne Data will improve customer experiences and allow them to find bottlenecks within their networks.

Industry experts claim that this alliance will help BT’s other global projects like the new SOC center in India, to expand their footprint. It will be interesting to see how the telecom giant leverages this deal going forward.