January 16, 2019

BigID partners with Ionic Security to boost data governance for cloud compliance

The partnership aims to enable organizations to automate policy enforcement and auditability driven by data intelligence.

Personal data software provider BigID have partnered with Ionic Security to simplify policy enforcement and auditability for cloud compliance. With this partnership, BigID and Ionic Security seek to remove barriers to cloud adoption, allowing enterprises to take a consolidated and granular approach to protect sensitive business data in the cloud.

According to BigID, enterprise security is as important as enforcing data control policies in the cloud. They say that cloud deployers need to have control over their own data so that they can scale and automate their solutions.

Ionic say that business opportunities arrive in a pair with infrastructural and operational costs, that drive investment in the cloud. In spite of this, they claim that enterprises struggle to reduce risks by properly identifying sensitive data.

With this alliance, BigID believe that they will provide enterprises with benefits like automating the application of cloud platform policies, integrating policy and granular data insights and ensuring the enforcement of data policies for cloud and multi-cloud users. They also say that with this integration, organizations can effectively inventory data before moving it to the cloud.

It will be interesting to see how BigID and Ionic take this alliance ahead, following the partnership of Palo Alto Networks with Google Cloud for cloud security.