July 31, 2018

British Telecom sets up new security operations center in India

The center aims to provide threat-detection, intrusion detection, ethical hacking and penetration services to its international clientele in the country.

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British Telecom (BT) have set up their new security operations center (SOC) in Gurugram, India to provide threat mitigation, intrusion and detection, ethical hacking and penetration services to their international clients. With this launch, BT will be beefing-up their cybersecurity team with more than 100 specialists in a bid to expand their global footprint.

BT say that the Government of U.K. had signed an alliance with India in May 2018 to support businesses in both countries which are built on the tenets of technology and collaboration. As per the terms of this deal, both countries decided to bring together leading tech innovators and businesses to address pressing issues such as data privacy and tech governance.

By setting up a new SOC hub in India, BT claim that they are complementing their alliance with the country to protect businesses from cyber risks as well as virus attacks. They say that this center will be dedicated to serving international businesses in India by offering services in managed security, threat intelligence and security consulting.

Speaking about this move, Mark Hughes, CEO for BT Security, commented:

The Cyber SOC opened by the High Commissioner (Sir Dominic Asquith) significantly adds to our security capability in the rapidly expanding Indian market, as well as to our global footprint of Security Operations Centres.

We’re committed to providing an industry-leading service to our international customers, and we’re investing to ensure we remain their security partner of choice.