January 16, 2019

ZeroDown partners with Movere for end-to-end migration solutions on Azure

The alliance seeks to provide solutions covering all phases of deployment from assessment to migration to operate workloads in the cloud.

Software provider ZeroDown have partnered with Movere to facilitate automated, end-to-end solutions for Azure Stack. As per the terms of the deal, both entities will be building solutions that will cover all phases of deployment, right from discovery, assessment and migration, to optimize workloads on Azure.

According to Movere, enterprises need secure solutions that will allow them to migrate from various deployments (hybrid to cloud, cloud to hybrid or traditional to cloud) in no time. They say that this allows flexibility when it comes to storing their workloads and also gives them the freedom to test the performance of other platforms.

Since Azure, as a cloud platform, has emerged popular among enterprises of all shapes and sizes, Movere and ZeroDown chose the cloud service to build an end-to-end migration solutions. They also say that by choosing Azure, their end-to-end solutions can expand the global footprint of both Movere and ZeroDown.

ZeroDown say that once the migration is complete, both entities will help enterprises to manage and optimize their applications’ performance on Azure. They also claim that during this process, their solutions will help them find opportunities to modernize their approach going ahead.

The alliance between ZeroDown and Movere is reminiscent of the one between AVANT and Logicworks to facilitate cloud migration. Let us hope that both entities provide similar benefits to their customers as AVANT and Logicworks did.