April 3, 2019

Colt Data Center acquires a new site in Osaka, Japan

The acquisition of the new site aims to boost Colt’s presence across the APAC region to compete against data center providers.

Data center facilitator Colt have acquired a new site in Osaka, Japan to boost their presence across the APAC (Asia Pacific) region. With this move, Colt aims to cater to the increasing demand for cloud and carrier-neutral services in the region for enterprises growing globally.

According to Colt, there has been a huge expansion of the cloud as a result of a high adoption rate by enterprises globally as well as in APAC. They say that enterprises are in need of large capacity and scalable resources with disaster recovery capabilities.

In a bid to meet this market demand, Colt have acquired a new site at Osaka which is a popular disaster recovery center for Tokyo-based companies. They say that this centre which is equipped with state of the art facilities will be furnished with the latest technology to meet the requirements of enterprises.

Richard Wellbrock, Vice President Real Estate, Colt Data Centre Services states that the demand for data centers in Japan is driven by their hyper-scale customers that are looking to scale instantly. He further added that with this site acquisition, Colt will take yet another step in expanding their horizons to compete against other providers in the region.

Industry analysts claim that this acquisition will prove to be beneficial for Colt’s customers that are looking to expand across APAC. One can only wait and watch how this acquisition further develops for Colt, following the fortification of their services for various clients in Japan.