August 9, 2018

Zayo completes 2000-mile dark fiber route to support data centers in the U.S.

The route, stretching from Los Angeles to Dallas, aims to provide strong connectivity to the evolving data center market across the West Coast.

server farm

Network provider Zayo Group have announced that they have finished building the 2000-mile dark fibre route from Dallas to Los Angeles in the U.S. With this route, Zayo aims to support upcoming data centers across the West Coast of America, in a bid to address latency and connectivity issues.

Zayo claims that enterprises in the U.S. have matured when it comes to cloud-based products as well as services. They say that this market understands the need for data centers and are aware of the role they play while accomplishing high-priority business goals.

By building a dark-fibre route from Dallas to Los Angeles, Zayo believe that they will be resolving network connectivity as well as latency issues for different kinds of businesses leveraging cloud-based data centers. They claim that this network will offer a full range of high-connectivity solutions, enabling 100G wavelength of service.

According to Zayo, the dark-fiber route will span across cities like Los Angeles, San Diego, Phoenix, Tucson, El Paso, Ft. Worth and Dallas. Speaking about the completion of dark-fiber route, Jack Waters, CTO and President of Fiber Solutions at Zayo, commented:

Zayo is committed to success-based investments in our network, and this expansion will help meet the high-bandwidth demands across many industries.

We continue to collaborate with key customers and construct critical strategic routes to ensure the availability of high-performance fiber and infrastructure.