August 9, 2018

Evolute unveils cloud migration and container technology for enterprises

The software platform aims to accelerate the speed of enterprise applications by providing scalability, flexibility and legacy support as benefits.

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Cloud facilitator Evolute have launched a software platform for enterprises in a bid to fast-track their workloads and applications. This container-based platform, Evolute says, will help enterprises streamline software migration and reduce operational expenditures by providing economies of scale as well as legacy application support.

According to Evolute, application complexities, processing problems and network interface issues have made virtualization technology costly and time-consuming. They believe that these issues limit application portability between various cloud environments within IT organizations.

By launching a container-based software platform, Evolute claim that they will be shortening the time-to-implement and time-to- migrate of businesses-critical applications on the cloud. They also say that enterprises will be able to migrate all legacy applications onto this platform only to save millions of dollars on IT maintenance.

Speaking about the launch, Kristopher Francisco, CEO and founder of Evolute, commented:

Evolute is uniquely positioned to impact the energy landscape with its ability to quickly and easily bring large scale business, engineering, and even petrotechnical workloads to the latest generation of cloud capabilities.

As a result, this industry-first solution is poised to help large enterprises achieve their goals at a rate which improves their core capabilities at a much-reduced cost.

In closing, the cloud company revealed that they were chosen to join Chevron Technology Ventures’ Catalyst Program, which is designed to support early-stage technology companies early this year.