August 8, 2018

IBM partners with Fortinet for cyber threat data sharing

The alliance aims to integrate each other’s threat intelligence feeds in a bid to build proactive defences against active cyber threats.

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Cloud giant IBM have deepened their alliance with cybersecurity company Fortinet to share data pertinent to virus attacks. As per the terms of the deal, both entities will be integrating each other’s threat intelligence feeds in order to create their own defence walls against cyber attacks and protect enterprise customers.

IBM say that enterprises are looking at effective means to counter cyber risks since it puts business-critical workloads hosted on the cloud at risk. They say that since hackers use skilled and organized tactics to attack cloud environments, coming up with a counter strategy to combat them was necessary.

By partnering with Fortinet, IBM say that they will be sharing information pertinent to cyber risks in a bid to deepen threat intelligence at their respective ends. With this intelligence, IBM say, both parties will build sophisticated products that will help their customers to respond to emerging threats quickly without affecting the performance of their applications hosted on the cloud.

Speaking about the alliance, Caleb Barlow, Vice President of threat intelligence for IBM Security, commented:

By entering relationships with trusted partners like Fortinet, IBM is able to construct a clearer picture of the global threat landscape.

Today, threat actors are highly skilled, organized, well-resourced and able to operate globally and swiftly. In order to defend effectively, we must operate with that same speed and develop informed, accurate counter-measures.