February 8, 2019

Accenture, Avanade and Microsoft to unveil new business group for digital transformation

The consortium seeks to boost enterprise IT architecture with the cloud, AI, analytics, security, IoT and other vital areas.

The Accenture-Microsoft-Avanade business group are all set to unveil another business group in order to encourage enterprises from all sectors to deploy the cloud, IoT, AI and analytics. With this move, the consortium seeks to address consumer demand of managing workloads and applications that thrive in the era of digital disruption.

According to the consortium, organizations across all sectors are looking to transform their traditional IT architectures into progressive models. The prime reason for doing so, the consortium claims, is the need to build applications and manage workloads that can scale quickly without any hiccups.

Accenture say that their alliance with tech giant Microsoft is old and since then they, with their partner Avanade, have taken steps to consolidate enterprise IT environments with state-of-the-art tools and platforms. They claim that with enterprises becoming more aware of new technologies to manage workloads, the consortium has taken efforts to inform and equip such entities with their cloud-based products and services.

By launching a new SBU, the consortium say that the former will focus its entire efforts towards providing businesses belonging to different sectors with the cloud, IoT, AI and security products. They claim that the SBU will help clients to transform their businesses and become intelligent enterprises.

Industry watchers believe that consortium’s new SBU will bring in a much-needed change for traditional enterprises. It will be exciting to see how the Accenture-Microsoft-Avanade trio make the most of this, following Infosys’ partnership with HPE for digital transformation.