April 4, 2019

Siemens, SAS partner to boost enterprise decision making with IoT-based analytics

The alliance aims to help enterprises create new IoT, edge and cloud-enabled solutions by applying SAS and open source via ‘MindSphere’

IT giants Siemens and SAS have struck a strategic alliance wherein both entities will be accelerating the adoption of ML and AI in IoT-based environments. With this deal, SAS and Siemens will be creating new IoT, edge and cloud-enabled solutions by integrating SAS’s advanced predictive analytics in Siemens’ cloud-based open IoT operating system MindSphere.

According to SAS, every enterprise depends on business intelligence to make important decisions that can drive their organization. They say that most of these enterprises have started relying on cloud technology as well as IoT and edge computing to draw business insights.

SAS claim that along with cloud and IoT, AI and ML are two disciplines that are of equal importance when it comes to leveraging business insights. They say that by adopting these disciplines in everyday work, enterprises and businesses will be able to draw finer insights to arrive at better decision making.

Hence, to ensure that their customers can get the best insights, SAS and Siemens have struck an alliance so that enterprises can leverage the same to create new IoT and edge solutions. They say that with this alliance, Siemens can make the most of their industry-based domain knowledge whereas SAS can leverage its deep analytics prowess.

Industry watchers believe that enterprises that depend on data will benefit the most with this deal. It will be interesting to see how SAS and Siemens take this deal ahead, following the later’s partnership with Infosys to develop IoT apps.