December 21, 2018

Headlines that grabbed attention on WebHosting.Info this week

Govt. of Brazil, ACTO unhappy with ICANN over Amazon gTLDs

ICANN finds itself in a diplomatic crisis after South American governments and ACTO disapprove of the .AMAZON gTLD given to retail and cloud giant Amazon.

  • Government authorities claim they have sole right over the geographic string of Amazon
  • ICANN are trying to figure out a way to comply with the IRP (Independent Review Process) and at the same time appease with GAC and ACTO countries
  • Despite Amazon’s efforts, ACTO have cooled the situation by putting it on standby

Israeli cloud security company Avanan raises USD 25 million

The investment seeks to boost the deployers of traditional and hybrid cloud environments with security services to combat cyber risks.

  • Avanan say that users will be able to choose their preferred security technology on the back of a system it uses in the cloud
  • The cloud security company will not only deploy a faster environments for customers but also secure the same with minimum add-ons

Adtech cybersecurity firm Devcon raises USD 4.5 million in seed funding

The investment seeks to prevent attempts made by hackers that use adtech as a catalyst to attack enterprises and organizations.

  • Devcon say that they will be boosting their adtech cybersecurity platform’s ability to block malicious ads like pop-ups, redirects or unauthorized tags on an individual basis
  • Thesecurity firm claims that a white-hat hacking approach has allowed them to counter attacks and stay ahead of the potential cyber risks that can occur in the adtech space

Nokia partners with Telenor to deploy cloud solution ‘AirGile‘ for mobile networks

The partnership aims to transform mobile network for Scandinavian countries by leveraging Nokia’s ‘AirFrame’ data center and ‘Cloud Packet Core’.

  • Telenor say that the alliance will facilitate quick deployment of virtualized network functions across cloud-based networks
  • Nokia believe that they will provide their expert services and use their Cloud Collaboration Hubs to optimize the deployment and support network operations across Europe

The domain, security and cloud industry has been buzzing with alliances, fundings and regulations as you can see. It will be interesting to see how these events develop over time.

These were some of the main events over the last week. We hope that you have enjoyed reading the same. To read more, you can go through Untangle’s alliance with Malwarebytes to offer simplified cybersecurity solutions for SMBs.