August 3, 2016

VMware launches AirWatch Express, a simple suite for MDM

AirWatch Express launches as a tool to speed up and simplify Mobile Device Management

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Earlier today, VMware released AirWatch Express, which claims to be a simple and speedy mobile device management (MDM) cloud solution for devices. AirWatch Express claims to make configuring devices with apps, email and Wi-Fi easy, while enabling the data encryption and security that is necessary in today’s environment.

Blake Brannon, Vice President of Product Marketing, VMware said :

The transformative nature of mobility has cause the mobile endpoint to become the primary computing device for many businesses, and these same organizations are struggling to keep up with the device and app proliferation.

The truth is managing mobile devices can be a timely and complicated process.

Without the need for technical knowledge or additional IT staff, AirWatch Express empowers organizations to support an ever increasing mobile workforce.

The solution is available for iOS, macOS, Android and Windows 10. AirWatch has also released an introductory video launching the product through their blog.

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