March 7, 2019

Veritas acquires Aptare to simplify hybrid cloud management for enterprises

With this move, Veritas will be able to do analytics, monitoring, and data management across hybrid and multi-cloud environments.

Data security and management provider Veritas have acquired hybrid cloud provider Aptare in a bid to handle both secondary and primary storage environments. With this acquisition, Veritas will be able to provide enterprises with analytics, monitoring, and data security capabilities across the hybrid cloud.

According to Veritas, enterprises look at multiple aspects while selecting hybrid cloud management solutions. They say that in order to ensure complete security, enterprises need to take into account monitoring, detection and analytical capabilities of the solution.

Veritas believe that Aptare’s anomaly detection and monitoring prowess across hybrid environments provides enterprises with a secure ecosystem to store their information. Hence, in a bid to ensure storage replication across hybrid environments with enterprise-level data policies and SLAs, Veritas say that they acquired Aptare.

Through this acquisition, Veritas believe they shall gain valuable insight into hybrid environments by leveraging the former’s business intelligence and analytical prowess. They say that the hybrid solutions they provide to customers will facilitate better decision making when it comes to workload management.

Barbara Spicek, Vice President of Global Channels and Alliances at Veritas, states that the acquisition is bound to fortify their relationships with multiple cloud vendors. She believes that this move will help Veritas expand across global markets and take hybrid cloud management to the next level.

Neither of the two entities disclosed the financial details of the acquisition deal. It will be exciting to see how Veritas and Aptare take this alliance ahead, following the acquisition of software company fluidOps by Veritas.