March 7, 2019

Cologix acquires data center company Metro Optic to expand across Canada

The acquisition seeks to catapult Cologix’s presence across the North American market and extend their data center footprint.

Data center company Cologix have announced the acquisition of Metro Optic, a carrier facility and infrastructure provider. With this acquisition, Cologix will be adding Metro Optic’s 30+ new carriers with unique sub-sea cable routes that run across the Canadian region.

Cologix say that dark fiber is still the go-to network carrier for enterprises when it comes to fast connectivity. They believe that this fiber allows enterprises to save costs and scale their cloud networks as quickly as possible.

With Metro Optic in the picture, Cologix believe that the former’s carrier and hybrid capabilities will enable their customers to connect to data centers globally in no time. Hence, in order to secure enterprise data connectivity, Cologix say that they have acquired Metro Optic to expand across Canada.

By acquiring Metro Optic, Cologix claim that they will allow enterprises to ramp up their data center prowess and enhance their global connectivity. They also say that this addition will allow enterprises to maximize the value and efficiency of their networks.

Michael Bucheit, CEO of Metro Optic believes that this acquisition will allow both entities to meet their core vision of extended geographic reach for their customers in North America. He also says that he is excited to work with Cologix’s team and understand the cloud-connectivity market from a different angle.

Industry analysts opine that the acquisition will boost Cologix’s infrastructure and help them entice more customers in Canada. It will be exciting to see how Cologix take this deal forward, especially after they acquired Montreal-based data center firm COLO-D.