March 6, 2019

Alphabet’s SBU Chronicle unveils ‘Backstory’, a security and data platform

The platform allows users to search petabytes of data in a short span of time and protect the same across cloud environments.

Google’s parent company Alphabet’s newly formed SBU Chronicle, have unveiled a data security platform called Backstory. By launching this platform, Chronicle will allow enterprises to search and protect large volumes of data, so as to find issues in different parts of their networks.

According to Alphabet, emerging threats like malware need to be curbed since they can penetrate large volumes of data within an enterprise’s network. They say that when such threats affect a large volume of data, it becomes difficult for enterprises to find where the anomalies exist after the attack.

By launching Backstory, Chronicle claims that they will help enterprises detect the exact location of these anomalies with a search tool. They further added that they will allow enterprises to replicate this benefit across various environments and help them store information across the cloud without any second thoughts.

Mike Wiacek, Chief Security Officer and Co-founder at Chronicle says that the platform allows users to gain instant access to their past, present and future data security. He believes that this platform will allow businesses to hunt, identify and eradicate security attacks with ease.

Market watchers believe that this platform will complement Alphabet’s VirusTotal SBU, which Google acquired in 2012. With this launch, one cannot help but reminisce Alphabet’s DNS protection app ‘Intra’ that was launched to protect users from internet manipulation.