February 15, 2019

UST Global unveil private cloud platform ‘Fortuna’

The platform seeks to provide enterprises with cloud-based services and support them during digital transformation at every possible stage.

IT firm UST Global have launched a private cloud platform called Fortuna for enterprises looking to boost their cloud prowess. With this launch, UST Global aims to support enterprises at each and every transformation stage of an organization’s digital vision.

According to UST Global, high storage and workload acceleration have been two primary reasons for enterprises to adapt cloud quickly. They believe that as enterprises update themselves with the latest IT practices for business profitability, digital transformation has become equally necessary.

However, UST say that since all enterprises do not have the same IT architectures, businesses need a platform that can support them at any stage of digital transformation. They claim that this kind of an approach taken by a platform allows enterprises to spend less on migration platforms for data compliance.

By unveiling Fortuna, UST Global believe that they will allow enterprises to start off with their digital transformation journey from any point in time. By leveraging the private cloud platform, they say that enterprises will be able to integrate their services with other IoT and cybersecurity platforms to boost their IT architecture.

Industry experts opine that the platform is a boon for those enterprises that cannot spend a lot on digital transformation while competing in the market. It will be interesting to see how UST Global takes this deal ahead, following Nutanix’s launch of Xi Cloud for a multi-cloud purpose.