November 28, 2018

Nutanix launches Xi Cloud services to boost multi-cloud for enterprises

The cloud services seek to provide a unified fabric across various cloud environments, giving enterprises the freedom to run applications hassle free.


Hybrid cloud provider Nutanix have launched Xi Cloud to provide enterprises with a suite of multi-cloud services. With this launch, Nutanix aim to provide IT teams with a unified fabric across myriad cloud environments, enabling them to run their applications on the optimal platform without any hassles.

According to Nutanix, a multi-cloud strategy allows customers to access a broad range of capabilities, especially on the edge. They say that it allows enterprise IT teams to deploy business-critical workloads strategically and manage the same at speed.

By launching Xi Cloud services, Nutanix believe that they will bring the best of public and private cloud capabilities by drawing data from IT infrastructure that is stored in a silo. They claim that Nutanix will remove the complexities that are associated with public and private environments to increase the efficiency of cloud operations.

Speaking about the suite of services, Nutanix say that Xi Cloud comprises of:

1. Xi Leap to protect critical applications and data in the cloud,
2. Xi Frame– to integrate role-based access control in the cloud,
3. Xi Beam– a multi-cloud cost optimization and governance tool to reduce cost and enhance cloud security,
4. Xi Epoch– to monitor applications in multi-cloud environments, and
5. Xi IoT– an edge platform that performs real-time processing of sensor and device data pipelines.

Dheeraj Pandey, CEO at Nutanix believes that the seamless operation of IT applications across multiple platforms is a huge challenge. He further added that Nutanix have overcome this challenge by making infrastructure ‘invisible’ to their clients, allowing them to fully focus on applications.

Research giant Gartner claims that the rise in the adoption of cloud and its deployment across IaaS, Paas and SaaS models has created a higher demand for multi-cloud services as well. It will be interesting to see how Nutanix makes the most of this deal, following their partnership with Microland to fortify their hybrid cloud portfolio.