February 15, 2019

Axonius raise USD 13 million to help enterprises secure connected devices

The investment aims to protect enterprises from cyber risks that are directed via connected devices.

Axonius have raised a series A funding of USD 13 million to protect enterprise environments from cyber attacks channelled through connected devices. With this investment, Axonius will be able to protect networks and establish security policies for enterprises that are looking to leverage cloud and IoT.

According to Axonius, hackers are getting smarter by the day when it comes to planning cyber attacks. They believe that these hackers are affecting enterprises by the sheer magnitude of their attacks and are leaving no stone unturned in doing so.

By raising USD 13 million, Axonius say that they will be able to secure connected devices that are used to leverage IoT and cloud networks. They say that enterprises will be able to assess, manage and eradicate any attacks coming their way.

Dean Sysman, CEO at Axonius revealed that an enterprise’s security is difficult to manage and more so if connected devices are in the picture. He also says that the investment will allow them to expand into different markets with a holistic security platform.

Market analysts claim that this investment will allow Axonius to take significant strides in the market. It will be interesting to see how Axonius make the most out of this investment, following In-Q-Tel’s investment in StackRox.