February 28, 2019

Capgemini expands footprint across North American markets with Leidos Cyber acquisition

The acquisition aims to cater to the increasing demand for cybersecurity products and managed security services.

IT giant Capgemini have acquired Leidos’ security SBU Leidos Cyber in a bid to expand across the North American markets. With this acquisition, Capgemini will focus their efforts towards catering to the increasing demand for cybersecurity tools, products and services.

Capgemini say that cloud and IoT adoption by enterprises in the American markets have accelerated the rate of application building and orchestrating. They say that the need to transform firms digitally has been a key driver for this growth.

However, the IT giant claims that the rapid growth for cloud has left loopholes in terms of cybersecurity. They say that these loopholes at network, surface and endpoint levels allow malware and bots to harm IT environments.

By acquiring Leidos Cyber, Capgemini believe that they will seal multiple gaps that exist in IT architectures. They say that by leveraging Leidos’ research and infrastructural prowess, Capgemini will be able to build unique products that can deter cyber risks.

Jean-Philippe Bol, CEO of Cloud Infrastructure Services and Cybersecurity at Capgemini believes that the acquisition will give them access to a wide range of customers and strengthen their global presence. He claims that the deal will help enterprises secure their networks and continue with their aspirations of transforming digitally.

Industry experts say that this move will give Capgemini a competitive advantage in the North American market. This alliance is reminiscent of Cisco’s acquisition of Singularity to boost network infrastructure.