March 14, 2019

Streamlio unveils cloud-native service for fast-data users

The service aims to connect enterprises with cloud applications quickly in a bid to create a unified fabric for cloud, edge and data center infrastructure.

Streamlio have launched Streamlio Cloud, an intelligent cloud-native service for fast data. By unveiling this service, Streamlio will drive the adoption of cloud-based applications in a bid to move from batch-driven processing to taking immediate action on data.

According to Streamlio, existing data solutions were not built with cloud or microservice architectures in mind. Hence, they say, enterprises face obstacles when it comes to leveraging cloud applications and containers that are integrated with some data storage services.

With fast data and microservices, Streamlio say that enterprises can connect to cloud environments quickly and make the most of container systems and applications. They further added that with Streamlio Cloud, enterprises will get the flexibility and elasticity that is needed to utilise dynamic data workflows that have applications in IoT, AI and analytics.

Karthik Ramasamy, CEO and co-founder at Streamlio states that with more data created, stored and accessed in the cloud, organizations can intelligently connect services, applications and users together. He also said that once enterprises integrate Streamlio Cloud into their systems, organizations can finally move away from the batch-oriented culture of data-driven apps.

Industry experts believe that this move will allow enterprises to worry less about the speed of cloud applications or container systems. It will be interesting to see how Streamlio take this service ahead, following the launch of Evolute’s cloud migration and container technology for enterprises.