March 14, 2019

Mozilla launches its free, encrypted file-sharing service ‘Firefox Send’

The launch seeks to enable users to share files up to 2.5 GB through the browser, while protecting them with end-to-end encryption.

Open-source browser Mozilla have unveiled their new and encrypted file sharing service Firefox Send. With this launch, Mozilla will allow web users to share files up to 2.5 GB through the browser and protect them with end-to-end encryption.

According to Mozilla, file sharing over the internet has increased multiple times since the boom of data centers and data storage products. They say that earlier, emails and large images would be the only files that would be transmitted but today many other kinds of data are shared across various environments.

Mozilla say that files shared over the internet need to be secured since DDoS or virus attacks can affect them before these files even reach their destinations. They say that these files, which are highly sensitive in nature, are stored in private as well as public cloud environments that are used for various purposes.

With Firefox Send, Mozilla say that they will secure all the files with an end-to-end data encryption tool that will protect all sorts of information. They also say that this tool will help Mozilla explore a new segment of customers and see how they can make amends to the same in a bid to cater to customer needs.

Industry watchers opine that this launch will consolidate Mozilla’s place as a secure web browser in the internet industry and help them discover a different segment of users. With this launch, one cannot help but think about Mozilla securing their web browser with HTTPS feature, to protect users from cyber attacks.