March 11, 2019

Digital Ocean partners with distributed network provider Ankr to drive cloud adoption

The alliance seeks to utilise Ankr’s distributed network to channelise idle computing capacity and provide users with reduced latency and higher uptime.

Cloud computing firm Digital Ocean have partnered with Ankr in a bid to increase the adoption of cloud within enterprises of all sorts. With this alliance, Digital Ocean will leverage Ankr’s distributed network to channelise the former’s idle computing capacity and facilitate users with reduced latency and high uptime.

According to Digital Ocean, enterprises using the cloud often face issues with respect to accessibility and cost-efficient cloud solutions. Hence, they say that these enterprises end up under-utilizing their resources and waste the potential their cloud can provide.

By partnering with Ankr, Digital Ocean say that they can allocate these resources in the right direction to up their server uptime and reduce latency. They further added that in order to boost this idle computing space, they will leverage Ankr’s block-chain capability to reduce existing inefficacies.

Chandler Song, co-founder and CEO of Ankr states that by moving away from the traditional cloud, enterprises can boost their cloud environments with the help of their blockchain efficacy. He claims that by taking this route, Digital Ocean and their clients can think about making the most of their existing cloud resources.

Market experts opine that Digital Ocean will most likely boost their customer base in whichever market they will enter, as a result of this new offering. One cannot wait to see how this alliance will help Digital Ocean expand globally, following their partnership with to build cloud apps.