November 19, 2018

RedLegg launches managed security services platform ‘Watchtower’

The launch seeks to better manage, investigate and gather intelligence relevant to security threats recognised in customer SIEM deployments.

managed security services

RedLegg have launched a managed security services platform WatchTower, to provide SIEM (Security Information and Event Management) deployers with threat intelligence services. With this launch, RedLegg seeks to manage and investigate security risks experienced across various IT environments.

According to RedLegg, IT environments need a sophisticated set of tools and devices to recognize different types of cyber threats and risks. In order to keep these attacks at bay, RedLegg claim that identifying the type of these attacks is of utmost importance.

By launching Watchtower, a managed security services platform, RedLegg believe that enterprises deploying to the cloud or any other IT environments will be able to investigate the type of threats and take corrective measures for the same, before risking their workloads. They also believe that enterprises can manage their workloads better under such circumstances and protect sensitive business data.

At its core, RedLegg say that Watchtower is designed to work in situations where it gives deployers live feeds of the events that are taking place. They believe that this approach clubbed with the utilization of runbooks, IOCs (Indicators of Compromise), and premium insights, enables RedLegg investigators to rapidly distinguish potential dangers.

Deep-diving into the benefits provided by Watchtower, RegLegg claim that:

1. Watchtower provides visibility, removing blind spots and gives a vital  standpoint to an environment’s general security,

2. It persistently drives productivity and development even inside the MSS (Mobile Satellite Service) supplier space,

3. The platform connects alert activities with other RedLegg customers, allowing one to quickly identify threats and react to them, and

4. As a case management system, the platform empowers MSS to track and connect emerging threats within a client’s environment, across all enterprises and industries.

In closing, the managed security services provider said that Watchtower will be provided to customers deploying all kinds of environments in the coming months. It will be interesting to see how Watchtower performs in the managed security services market, following the launch of enterprise cloud services by Verizon Digital.