November 19, 2018

IBM extends alliance with ServiceNow for multicloud management

With this extension, IBM aims to provide their ‘Multicloud Management Platform’ across ServiceNow’s IT infrastructure to modernize Kubernetes.

multicloud management

IBM have extended their cloud partnership with ServiceNow to boost their multicloud management capabilities. As per the terms of the deal, IBM seeks to provide their Multicloud Management Platform across ServiceNow’s IT infrastructure to allow organizations to modernize Kubernetes deployments across different cloud platforms and at the same time enable easy migration of cloud apps.

According to IBM, enterprises need a unique platform to test, build and migrate their cloud apps across multicloud environments. As a part of their multicloud management strategy, IBM believe that enterprises need such a stage to unlock their complete cloud potential.

By boosting their existing business relationship with ServiceNow, IBM claim that they will be able to equip enterprises with a platform that can help them manage applications and Kubernetes workloads across multicloud environments. They firmly believe that this extension will pave the way for digital workflows, allowing enterprises to address issues related to scale, security, performance and availability.

Philip Guido, General Manager of Infrastructure Services at IBM claims that they are trying to fortify their position as a provider of hybrid cloud services. He said that by extending the current alliance, ServiceNow and IBM can together build-up on their strategies to increase their respective market share.

Explaining the benefits provided by this multicloud management platform, IBM said that the platform will provide-

1) Agile application development and comprehensive services,
2) Quick management of heterogeneous cloud environments,
3) Multicloud environments with ease of migration and operational efficiency, and
4) Visibility into multicloud environments

Pablo Stern, Vice President and General Manager of IT Operations at ServiceNow says that productivity is the core focus of this partnership extension. He also believes that this combination between the two IT firms will change the way enterprises work.

It will be interesting to see the turn of events after this extension, following IBM’s partnership with VMware to accelerate enterprise hybrid cloud.