March 15, 2019

ICANN to take a call on registrant protection and .AMAZON dispute

The internet authority has had a tough week and seeks to resolve regulation concerns with regards to domains.

Internet governing body ICANN have announced that they will be invoking DARTP (De-Accredited Register Transition Procedure) to protect its registrants as well as finally taking a call on the .AMAZON dispute between cloud giant Amazon, the Peruvian and the Brazilian governments. With these decisions, the internet authority seeks to resolve regulation level concerns with respect to domains and their successful transition.

According to ICANN, Alpnames Limited were entrusted with the task of performing registrar functions as per the RAA (Registrar Accreditation Agreement). They say that they had to terminate the agreement since Alpnames did not see to it that the the domains of registrants were successfully transitioned as per their security rules.

In order to protect these registrants, ICANN say that they have invoked DARTP, a procedure to facilitate the transfer of registrant to the gaining registrar as safely and quickly as possible. They say that with this procedure, the new registrar will be able to contact registrants with information as to how to access and maintain their domain name registrants after the registrations are completed.

Parellely, ICANN have also stated that they will be finally taking a call on the .AMAZON gTLD which is in dispute between ACTO countries (Brazil, Peru, Ecuador etc.) and cloud giant Amazon. The internet authority claims that they will be giving all the entities four more weeks to settle the dispute before they transfer the domain to some other entity.

ICANN claims that they are tired with the deadlock between the ACTO countries and are expecting them to come down to a solution. They say that geographic relevance is not a reason strong enough to transfer the domain to any of the ACTO country or countries.

With a clear objective of transferring the domain to the right bidder, ICANN say that they will be taking a call on the .AMAZON gTLD. They further added that this decision will pave the way for other entities who ‘claim’ domains based on geographic or situational relevance.

Market experts claim that ICANN will not leave any stone unturned while taking a final decision in either of the two cases. We all hope that whatever the decision is, it will set an example for all registrants in the years to come.