September 20, 2016

Oracle unveils new cloud services, will compete with Amazon

The company reveals plans to give Amazon direct competition with new product launches and acquisitions

This week, Oracle launched new services to help its customers take advantage of cloud computing. This move puts Oracle in direct competition with Amazon Web Services which is currently considered the leader in cloud computing.

Larry Ellison, Oracle’s Executive Chairman, announced a number of cloud services including Cloud@Customer that lets customers run Oracle’s cloud computing infrastructure services within their own data center infrastructure.

He also announced other services at a lower cost than those from Amazon, giving them direct competition with their cloud services.

Ellison commented :

Amazon’s lead is over. Amazon’s going to have serious competition.

Oracle claims that they are stepping up efforts in cloud-based technology by launching new products and making acquisitions in order to attract businesses that prefer to buy computing, networking and storage capabilities from large providers.

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