September 19, 2016

DE-CIX launches Internet Exchange Point in Texas

The company has launched the IXP in order to support the region’s rapid digital growth

DE-CIX has launched its newest carrier and network neutral Internet exchange in Dallas, Texas. The company claims that this project is in response to the region’s rapid digital growth.

Ed d’Agostino, Vice President, DE-CIX North America said :

Being the first Internet exchange of its kind in the Dallas market, we anticipate strong demand from content networks, Internet service providers, regional ISPs and enterprise customers.

Our initial research shows that there is tremendous need for a neutral Internet exchange that provides access at data centers throughout the area, thus providing a reliable, quality interconnection and peering point to a broader segment of the market.

The company claims that there is an increasing need for reliable interconnection platforms as a result of the growing consumer demand for clear VoIP and other services in the Dallas area.

DE-CIX is located at Infomart, the main carrier hotel in Dallas. This location is said to offer the highest density of data centers, carriers and ISPs in the region. DE-CIX claims to provide peering exchange services throughout this community and ultimately, to an even larger community of networks and data centers.

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