September 20, 2016

Molex launches I/O cabling solutions to enhance data centers

The company has launched a range of networking products to bring better solutions to the data center market

This week, Molex announced its plans to bring better technology and storage solutions to the data center market with the launch of SFP+ Interconnect Solutions. Through this launch, they claim to ensure that data center service providers offer advanced technology to customers.

The company has launched a range of I/O cabling solutions and claims to make sure that electronics and innovation are combined to make data centers as fast and stable as possible. They say that the SFP+ Interconnect Solutions will support 8 Gbps fibre channel and 10 Gbps gigabit ethernet with industry-wide compatibility.

Ryan Wade, Regional Industry Manager, Data Center, at Molex said :

High-speed networking requires joining cutting-edge I/O cables into an integrated equipment solution, and Molex networking solutions support the fastest data rates across the spectrum of distances common in data centers.

As storage devices grow smaller and faster, so must the I/O cables that connect them.

Molex storage solutions support faster speeds within data centers while minimizing signal and insertion loss.

Molex says that its I/O cabling solutions for data centers can support faster processing, increased density and more bandwidth.

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