March 21, 2018

Cloudflare launches data centers in Africa

The launch seeks to reduce latency issues and provide security against DDoS attacks.

Google data center

Content delivery network (CDN) provider Cloudflare have launched two data centers- one in Durban, South Africa and the other in Port Louis, Mauritius. With this launch, Cloudflare aims to secure their clients against DDoS attacks as well as reduce low-speed issues.

According to Cloudflare, Africa has developed immensely with respect to internet as well as mobile penetration in the last three to five years. They further added that in a bid to play catch up with the same, they have launched many data centers in the region across countries like Egypt, Angola, Kenya and South Africa.

Cloudflare say that these two data centers will serve a specific purpose. Explaining this in detail, they said the Durban data center will provide additional redundancy so that Cloudflare could withstand DDoS attacks. Whereas the Port Louis data center, Cloudflare added,  will be committed to reducing latency issues from every web request.

The CDN company said that these data centers will not only support the needs of local businesses but also allow travelers to access data centers on the go. They further added that in order to make this possible, Cloudflare will leverage their wide network of data centers around the world which stands at 137 in number.

In closing, Cloudflare said that many African data centers are currently in the planning stage and shall be launched by the second half of 2018.