January 21, 2019

Oracle to unveil their first Indian data center in 2019

The launch seeks to cater to growing demand for cloud services from banking, financial, telecom and manufacturing sectors in India.

Cloud giant Oracle are all set to launch their first data center in India this year. With this launch, Oracle seek to cater to an increasing demand for cloud services coming from BFSI (Banking, Financial Services and Insurance), telecommunication and manufacturing services in India.

According to Oracle, the tech boom in India has made enterprises large and small aware of the benefits of cloud as a technology. They say that as the workload piles up, enterprises will need smarter and sophisticated applications that can manage workloads and store a large amount of data.

This need for smart and sophisticated applications, Oracle say, is largely seen in the BFSI, telecom and manufacturing sectors in India, given their progress in recent times. They believe that local players like Tech Mahindra have already integrated AI and ML-based products for many enterprises in the country, and it is about time Oracle make their move in a mature market such as India.

In addition to this, Oracle say that APAC is a promising region when it comes to rapid growth. They say that their competitors like AWS, Google and Alibaba are already establishing their footprint across the region, with India being their next target market.

Keeping all these factors in mind, Oracle say that establishing their first Indian data center was a must. They say that in addition to the sectors that they are targeting, Oracle will also be promoting their services within the start-up and SME sectors to gain market share in India.

Technology and market experts claim that Oracle will leave no stone unturned while competing against other cloud giants that have forayed into the Indian market. We believe that the cloud race in India is about to intensify with this launch, following Alibaba’s partnership with ONGO to capture SMEs in India.